Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof, Leben im Einklang mit der Natur, nur soviel entnehmen wie auf natuerliche Art und Weise wieder nachwaechst, Nachhaltigkeit Baeume, Neubepflanzung
Holidays in Wildflecken at Fam. Huefner in the beautiful Rhoen



Holidays at the farm
at family Huefner


       The grain is threshed with agricultural equipment                                                                                              Fields will be harvested with a museum mature machine   

welcome on our farm

On Auerberg 7

The property Auersberg 7 at Otto Karl and Heidrun Huefner in wild spots  Apartment 1 + 2 On Auersberg 7 in wild spots
(Lower Franconia)

      Cattle are looking for a shady spot under trees                                                   Animals seek shelter from the sun


In the Bavarian Rhoen Experience breathtaking cultural landscape shaped by individual mountain ranges, moorlands, picturesque hiking trails and valleys. Then there are some ancient villages, chapels pompous and mysterious castles.

Wonderful attractions can be found around Bad Kissingen, Bad Brueckenau as well as wild spots, your holiday home.

What do you think of a holiday on the farm in the Family Huefner, in the beautiful Rhoen region. Do you like hiking, then go to the Kreuzberg, the water dome or on one of the huts around here! Take the time to discover this charming mountain, for example, by bike, the mountain bike or by foot. There are many ways of our small farm in the woods on the mountain Auer, in the closest villages, or even to a show mine "Maria pit" where earlier barite was mined.

Breathe fresh country air, walk through meadows and woods, small experience adventure with the kids. Exciting attractions, with the children in the wildlife parks around with a petting zoo, a jungle gym or the swimming pool.

Look forward but also when children laugh, radiate and are no longer bored.

Enjoy peace and relaxation, because where children feel comfortable, have the parents leave. Visit. Our small farm in Wildflecken in Lower Franconia, right on the edge of the mountain Auer Family holidays with children, surrounded by lush pastures and meadows, with two beautiful furnished apartments.

Just the silence in the morning where you wake up or a lovely sound of birds hears you will be thrilled. Simply feel at home, let it all hang out, we look forward to you.

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